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Window Installation Hacks During Fall or Winter

If you didn’t get around to replacing your windows during the summer, fear not. The project can still be conducted in colder weather.

Whether you’re replacing a double-hung or bay window–or all the windows in your home–there are just a few things you need to do to ensure the success of the project. Renewal by Andersen® of San Antonio shares three tips below.

Check the Weather Forecast

Follow the weather closely and choose a day that’s predicted to bring pleasant weather. During the colder season, it’s best to conduct window replacement for mid-morning. This will give the materials enough time to warm up and expand.

Watch out for bad weather such as rain or snow. Some types of sealant require as much as 24 hours to set before they can be exposed to moisture. If it rained recently, ensure the surfaces are completely dry before starting the job.

Use Silicone-Based Caulk

Apply a silicone-based caulk instead of acrylic or latex. Silicone-based caulk adheres better in colder temperatures, and it also offers waterproofing and weatherization. 

Use a Sealant With High Joint Movement Capability

Look for a plus or minus 25% movement label on sealant bottles. This is the amount of high joint movement capability needed for the sealant to perform well in cold weather.

If you’re replacing multiple windows, you might want to consider installing one window at a time. This will take more time, but will help minimize the exposure of your home’s interior to the outside temperature.

Of course, it’s always best to leave a big project like window replacement in the hands of experienced professionals like the team at Renewal by Andersen of San Antonio. From casement windows to picture windows, you can count on us for hassle-free and dependable services. Call us at (210) 888-9680 or fill out our contact form to request a free quote. We serve customers in Boerne, San Antonio and University City, TX.


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