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Tips on How to Choose Windows for Your Rental Property

As a landlord who owns a rental property, it’s important to invest in windows that will be safe, functional and attractive for your tenants. To do that, you need to make it a priority to maintain existing windows and invest in window replacement for old or damaged units. Here’s how to choose the right windows for your rental property.


Retrofit or Full-Frame Replacement?

There are two methods for window replacement: retrofit and full-frame installation. Your choice will depend on the condition of the windows being replaced. If your wooden window frames aren’t rotted, retrofitting may be the better option. If there is damage to the frames, however, full-frame installation is probably necessary.

Consider the Price and Performance

A higher price point doesn’t always translate to better performance. Double-hung clad wood windows, for example, are quite expensive but aren’t that effective at preventing cold air and rain from affecting compromising indoor comfort levels. Whether you’re replacing a sliding, casement or double hung window, a composite material like Fibrex® is the best option for the frame, offering unparalleled durability, insulation, long-term performance and beauty.

Energy Efficiency

The windows you choose for your rental property should be energy-efficient. Check the unit’s ENERGY STAR® and NFRC labels to determine how energy-efficient it is and how well it is expected to perform in your local climate.

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