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Things to Consider Before Installing a Bay Window

Window installation is a challenging but rewarding home improvement project, especially if you’re installing a bay window. That being said, you have to be careful when planning your project, as bay windows are a bit more complicated than other window styles. In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of San Antonio explains what you need to know about bay window installation.

Bay Style

You have several styles of bay windows to choose from. Box bay windows have a more angular profile, while angled bay windows have a gentle, curved profile. Some bay windows feature five or more panels, while others only have three. You can even get some with glass panels on the top or bottom part of the bay to further enhance the outdoor view.


This factor will determine how you operate your bay window. Most bay windows have hinged panels similar to casement windows, while some have vertical sliding panels like those in double-hung windows. Others are fixed, like picture windows. Larger bay windows can have a combination of moving and fixed panels.

Frame Material

Common frame materials used for bay windows include wood, metal and composite. Remember that some materials require special treatment if you want them to last a long time, although you can’t go wrong by picking low-maintenance options like stainless steel or Fibrex®.

Other Features

Depending on your window needs (and your budget), you may want to look for a bay window with a good set of extra features. For example, low-E glass significantly improves the energy efficiency and performance of any window.

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