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The Solution to Warped Vinyl and Wood Windows

Vinyl and wood are two of the most popular window materials. Vinyl is often considered a practical and affordable choice, while wood has long remained a favorite for its strength and aesthetic appeal. However, a common weakness shared by vinyl and wood windows is their susceptibility to warping.

Find out how you can avoid this problem in this article by top window company Renewal by Andersen® of San Antonio.

Why Vinyl and Wood Windows Warp

Warping can take varying forms such as:

  1. Bowing – bends on the face of the window
  2. Crooking – bends at the edge of the window
  3. Twisting – twists at the edges of the window
  4. Cupping – cup-like bends that go inward or outward

These deformations occur mainly due to moisture issues. Wood tends to absorb and retain moisture, which eventually leads to rotting and warping. For vinyl windows, warping is usually the result of mishandling the window and/or excessive heat. Mishandling occurs when the window is overtightened as it’s being closed. Heat damage occurs because vinyl is flexible, with excess heat causing the material to become softer and more malleable. The heat plus the pressure from the locking mechanism results in bends and bows.

Fibrex® Windows: Solution to Warping

Fibrex is a composite material perfected and patented by Andersen. This exclusive material is what makes Andersen replacement windows attractive and long-lasting. Combining the stability of wood and the low-maintenance features of vinyl, Fibrex is an ideal choice for today’s homeowners.

Fibrex offers excellent resistance against rot, mold and decay. It also doesn’t have high expansion and contraction rates, which are common in vinyl.

Renewal by Andersen of San Antonio offers stress-free and affordable window replacement services. Our commitment to top-notch workmanship has made us one of the most trusted window contractors in the area. Call us at (210) 888-9680 or fill out our contact form to request a free consultation. We serve customers in San Antonio, TX, and nearby areas.


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