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Signs of a Broken Window Seal

Your windows contain a seal protecting them from damage. If this seal is broken, several problems will result, including clouding of the window glass and reduced energy efficiency in your home. 

Today, Renewal by Andersen® of San Antonio highlights the signs of a broken seal in your sliding, casement or double hung window. 


When the seal breaks, inert gas tends to leak out of the window glass. This causes the windowpane to bend or collapse in the center, making the glass look distorted. Sometimes it can even result in the glass breaking.


It’s common for a failed window seal to result in condensation issues. If you notice hazing, fogging or moisture between two panes, call a professional to take a better look at the possible source of the problem. In some cases, window replacement may be necessary, so you should act quickly.

What You Can Do

You can address broken window seals either by replacing the affected unit within the frame or installing an entirely new window, frame and all. Sometimes contractors and homeowners opt for a brand-new window because this is more practical and straightforward. Replacing only the affected part of a window can be a complicated process, and it’s often as expensive as buying a new window anyway.

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