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Fibrex® vs. Vinyl: A Quick Comparison

Window replacement can improve your home in many ways. You need to consider many factors when planning a window installation project, including which frame material would best suit your needs. Two of the most popular frame materials are vinyl and Fibrex®. Read on to find out how these materials measure up against each other.



To insulate the window, glass panes are spaced apart at a precise distance and sealed to minimize the heat transfer. Unlike aluminum, which tends to conduct heat, both vinyl and Fibrex are great options for energy-efficient windows. Fibrex contains excellent natural insulating capabilities that give it a leg up against all other frame materials, including vinyl.


If you’re choosing new casement or picture windows for your living room, wouldn’t you prefer the option that’s better at resisting wear and tear? Fibrex definitely has an edge over vinyl when it comes to withstanding pressure and damage. Vinyl frames are more susceptible to warping and distortion when exposed to high temperatures and humidity.

Environmental Responsibility 

If you want to make a sustainable and environmentally conscious decision, choosing Fibrex is the way to go. Vinyl is manufactured using polyvinyl chloride, an ingredient not easily repaired that can release heavy metals into the air. Fibrex, in contrast, is made from reclaimed wood fibers, making it more eco-friendly.

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