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4 Important Tips for Natural Home Ventilation

Natural ventilation can make your home more eco-friendly. It’s a method of allowing fresh outdoor air into your living space without the use of air conditioning units. The term “passive cooling” is also associated with natural ventilation, and it refers to designs that don’t require electricity to induce comfortable conditions indoors. A good example is building large open windows and adding patio doors in a home instead of cranking up the AC. Here are some tips to help you maximize natural ventilation inside your home.

  1. 1. Add Water Elements, Wicker and Bamboo Furniture – Water can function as a beautiful aesthetic element both inside and out of your home. A fountain, pond or swimming pool can act as a transition space where air is naturally cooled before passing into your home. Wicker and bamboo furniture are also ideal for the outdoors and are able to encourage good air flow.

2. Orient Your Windows and Doors – Installing fences outside a house can help funnel breezes through a window or door, as well as filtering stronger winds. If you live in a coastal region, the breeze will come from an onshore direction, but if you live in a mountainous or hilly region, it will usually travel downslope. Generally, cool breezes tend to occur in the late afternoon or early evening.


  1. 3. Install Natural Ventilation Systems – These systems can automatically adjust window openings depending on the indoor temperatures. This helps in releasing and regulating heat and airflow, which can prevent overheating especially in homes with large swathes of northern glazing.

  1. 4. Maximize the Cool Night Air – Homes usually cool at night time when the radiating hot air is replaced with cooler night air. We suggest leaving the windows open at night if possible, so that the warm air can dissipate as well as ventilate the indoor spaces for the next day. Double-hung windows and skylights are ideal for this purpose as the hot air escapes faster through higher-level openings.

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