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3 Important Window Safety Tips for Kids

Making your home safe for young children is a big endeavor. While covering outlets and storing cleaning supplies in a safe place are no-brainers, don’t forget about your windows, which can pose a serious safety hazard to kids if you don’t take the right precautions.

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Today, the window installation experts at Renewal by Andersen® of San Antonio share some tips to ensure your windows are safe for kids:

Lock Your Windows

Any windows that are large enough for a small child to climb out of are a hazard. Prevent your kids from falling out of windows by keeping the windows closed and locked at all times. Closing them also prevents unexpected injuries such as fingers getting trapped when the window suddenly shuts.

Move Furniture Away From Windows

Kids love to climb, and a couch or bookshelf next to a tall window can be very tempting. For everyone’s safety, put plenty of distance between furniture that kids could climb on to reach the windows. This goes for any operable window, from a double-hung to a bay window.

Choose Window Treatments Wisely

Window treatments can be a hazard for children. They could try to climb up a curtain or get tangled in the cord of a blind. Make sure to choose curtains, draperies and other treatments that aren’t long enough for kids to reach and pull.

Have an Emergency Escape Plan

Windows provide an excellent egress in the event of an emergency like a house fire. Just make sure you identify which windows in your house can be opened and which are inoperable, like picture windows, and prepare your emergency escape plan accordingly.

Looking to childproof your windows? Call the pros at Renewal by Andersen of San Antonio. Give us a call at (210) 988-6466 or fill our contact form for a free consultation. We serve clients in San Antonio, Boerne and Universal City, TX.


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