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3 Fixes for Rattling Windows

Rattling windows are a nuisance. The noise may be worse during a thunderstorm or when a large vehicle passes by your house. This is because of the vibration on the ground transferring to your old windows, which aren’t secured properly.


Loose glass panes, loose sashes and rotting wooden frame materials are common culprits of this annoying problem. The good news is, window company Renewal by Andersen® has the solution.

1. Apply caulk to loose glass. The constant opening and closing of windows, especially those operated by hinges, can cause the glass panes to loosen over time. To solve this problem, apply caulk between the pane and frame. Make sure to use a putty knife so you can get into the deeper cracks. After filling all gaps, wipe away the excess with a rag soaked in vinegar.

2. Install weather stripping. Drafty windows not only hike up your energy costs, but also cause obnoxious rattling sounds. If you apply weather stripping, it will stabilize the glass and seal air leaks around the windows. It’s also good for blocking corners and irregular cracks. Experienced window contractors can help you with this if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.

3. Repair rotten wood parts. Wood-based materials are extremely susceptible to rotting, especially when not maintained regularly. When water seeps through cracks, it causes the timber to change shape. Lingering moisture also initiates the growth of fungi, which causes the wood fibers to deteriorate and rot. If you encounter this problem with your rattling windows, we recommend replacing the affected wood parts.

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