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Why Neutral Colors Are Perfect for Patio Doors

Patio doors serve as the threshold between your interior and the outdoors. And just like your windows, patio doors add natural lighting and can improve ventilation in your home.

Why Neutral Colors Are Perfect for Patio Doors

Choosing the right color for your patio doors may be tricky as you have many options. In today’s post, we explain why neutral colors are a safe bet.

Neutral Colors: Varied Tones

Neutral colors range from driftwood gray to creamy latte. Muted colors also fall within the umbrella term of neutral colors, and these include faded and muted tones of light and darker colors. You have many options when it comes to neutrals, and your expert window contractor can help you choose the hue that best suits your home’s design and your own personal taste.

Neutral Colors and Daylighting

One of the benefits of choosing neutral colors for patio and entry doors is that they help extend the effects of daylight. Light neutral colors softly diffuse sunlight, giving your living space a more open, cheerful vibe. Neutral-colored patio doors are particularly effective in larger rooms, in which natural light may not be diffused very well due to all the furniture and other interior elements.

Neutral Colors Emphasize Texture

Neutral colors give an impression of smoothness. While somewhat muted themselves, neutral colors help make textures pop. This adds an emphasis to the texture of the walls, the accents in the room and even the grain on the patio door.

Timeless Tones

Finally, neutral colors have a timeless appeal. They can easily match different types of interior designs and architectural details.

At Renewal by Andersen of San Antonio, we will help you pick the best color scheme for your entry and patio doors, as well as your windows. We use high-quality materials that are expertly measured for a custom and accurate window or door installation project.

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