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When Should You Replace Your Glass Patio Door?

As trusted experts in replacement windowswe fully understand how important glass patio doors are. They allow residents to enjoy a view of their home’s backyard, pool or even just the clear blue sky. Eventually, your patio door will reach the end of its lifespan, requiring replacement. If you’re wondering when’s the right time to replace your patio doors, just look out for these indications.

Your Home Feels a Bit Drafty

If your home is drafty, you need to check your windows and doors. You can confirm for yourself whether or not your patio door is contributing to the draftiness by simply standing by the door. Try to determine whether there’s a noticeable difference in the temperature. If there is one, chances are you have a leak somewhere.

The Panes of Your Patio Door Look Foggy

If you find that condensation has built up on the inside of the squares (on a French door) or just within the single large glass pane of a sliding door, it’s possible that the seal is compromised, allowing air and moisture to get between the panes. This indicates that their insulating status is no longer a factor in determining the energy efficiency of your home.

If that’s the case, you may need to call in one of your locally trusted door and window contractors to have the unit replaced. Of course, if you see that the glass is cracked, we strongly recommend that you replace the door immediately, especially if you have children and/or pets.

Your Patio Door is Getting Tricky to Open

If it’s a sliding door, the rollers are probably damaged beyond repair, or maybe the door has become misaligned from the track. It’s also possible that certain weather such as rain, snow and even excessive sunlight could have damaged the frame, or even a shoddy installation job. So if you’re having trouble opening the door, call your contractor to conduct an inspection and determine the appropriate solution.

When it comes to patio door and window replacement services, only consider hiring the best window company in the area. Call Renewal by Andersen® of San Antonio today at (210) 319-7119 for more information. You can also contact us through our convenient online formWe serve customers in San Antonio, TX, and nearby areas.



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